Navigating Food Trends

It seems like every week there is a new food item that has made it onto the chopping block. Starting with gluten all the way to dairy products we are told that these things are bad for our bodies, it’s not like we haven’t eaten them for hundreds of years.

Of course it’s always good to keep up to date with new scientific discoveries about foods we eat and whether or not they are good for our bodies, the issue comes when the information isn’t coming from scientific research. At this point one has to take a careful look at the claims about the food and see whether or not they apply. For example with gluten, 1% of the American population has Celiac disease (requiring the removal of gluten from their diets) and approximately 6% have a gluten sensitivity condition. This then does not nearly cover the 30% of shoppers who purposely buy gluten free options.  Continue reading “Navigating Food Trends”