The French National Identity in Crisis

France is a country that has much pride in its history and traditions. To outsiders it holds an idealistic view of eating and drinking during the day, and protesting in the streets during the night. It is a country that also holds their national identity in high regard. The issue comes when the national identity…

My Everyday Summer Face

When it comes to makeup I fall into two categories: Wanting all the makeup in the world Wearing the same makeup everyday Those categories don’t exactly work well together, hence why my main makeup purchases are usually lipstick. Not ashamed to say that I generally have at least 5 in my bag at one time….

Navigating Food Trends

It seems like every week there is a new food item that has made it onto the chopping block. Starting with gluten all the way to dairy products we are told that these things are bad for our bodies, it’s not like we haven’t eaten them for hundreds of years. Of course it’s always good…

Feeling Lost.

As someone halfway through my university career, it’s almost cliche of me to say I’m scared as shit of the real world. Going in to university I had my mind set on what I was going to do. I would study marketing, do fashion internships and eventually find my place in the fashion business market….

Number One Way to Always Look Put Together

I’m someone who generally does not like to have too much going on, and sometimes not enough going on. It’s one thing to keep an outfit simple, another for it to be boring. For me the key to elevating an outfit from meh to chic is to add a neck scarf.

Stila: Eyes Are the Window Eyeshadow Palette Reveiw

I have had this palette for a while now and have worn it pretty much everyday since I got it. This palette is not new by any means, but deserves a lot more hype than it has got. It Β also comes in different shades (similar idea to the Naked palettes). There is a neutral mattes…

Fashion Inspiration Blogs

For anyone remotely interested in fashion, they have a place they look for inspiration. For some it’s looking directly to designers and what they are showing, to others it’s magazines, and for me (and many other people) it is fashion blogs. I have a few blogs that I will regularly check to see what the…