Feeling Lost.

As someone halfway through my university career, it’s almost cliche of me to say I’m scared as shit of the real world.

Going in to university I had my mind set on what I was going to do. I would study marketing, do fashion internships and eventually find my place in the fashion business market. What I and probably most people figure out at around this point, is that you never really know what you want. I had this idealized view of fashion and was set on the being my life, but now while I still find that interesting I wonder if it’s the only path.

In these past two years reality has hit me and opened my eyes to the shit storm that awaits me after graduation. When I graduate I’m just going to be another marketing student. Whether or not I made it on the Deans list won’t matter, it will just be me trying to survive. 

The biggest thing that makes me feel even more lost is watching people my age get their shit together. They are presidents and vice presidents of student clubs, and working internships all while working two jobs. I just seem to lack the motivation to want to join all the student organizations, not seeing what my place would be. This all brings up the question of: is this really want to do? and if not what?

I guess the answer is who the hell knows and to be continued.


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