Stila: Eyes Are the Window Eyeshadow Palette Reveiw


I have had this palette for a while now and have worn it pretty much everyday since I got it. This palette is not new by any means, but deserves a lot more hype than it has got. It  also comes in different shades (similar idea to the Naked palettes). There is a neutral mattes palette (Mind), a bright coloured palette (Body), an orange tone palette (Spirit) and this one which is a purple toned palette.

This palette retails for $59.00 CAD at Sephora, which although is pricey is similar to other high end palettes prices.


These shadows are very smooth. I always hate to use this word when referring to makeup, but they feel really buttery. According to Stila these eyeshadows can be worn wet or dry, which I totally agree with. The only downside to the buttery texture I find is that there is a tiny bit of fallout with the metallic shades. When applying them I would recommend starting with a little and then building up as to not have eyeshadow getting everywhere. I like to use both a brush and my fingers, depending on how lazy I am, and find they are both effective in picking up product. The only thing about when using your fingers is that you tend to pick up more product, therefore just be aware and don’t go rubbing your fingers in the eyeshadows heavily.

From left to right: Light, Kitten, Thought, Vitality, Individual, Affection, Heart, Substance, Being, Character, Peace & Essence


As far as pigmentation goes these vary a little. As per most palettes the metallics are way more pigmented than the mattes. As someone with slightly darker skin this can be annoying, but the mattes are still wearable. As far as the matte colours go, you just need to put a little more work in. The only colour that I’m a little confused about is the shade, Character. It looks like a brown with big chunks of glitter in it. Its not really a metallic or a matte and it’s not super pigmented. However, I still use it as a wash of colour on the lid.




The metallics are all very wearable shades, the only one that I haven’t really warn is Substance, because it is a very intense colour which I find is more of a nighttime shade. While not being super pigmented, the light matte shades are actually very useful. They give a very subtle, uniform eye look which is nice for adding definition in the daytime. Lastly the matte brown and black are very effective at darkening up a look. The matte black (Essence) in comparison to the lighter ones is far more pigmented. It’s not quite black eyeliner, but it can definitely smoke up a look. Probably the shade I use the most is the matte brown (Being), I like to use it in the crease for a bit of a darker look that is still daytime appropriate.

All in all I would recommend this palette, it is very good for day to day use. I would say for people with skin darker than MAC NW40, the light mattes may be too light. For anyone with darker skin, I would recommend giving this palette a swatch just to make sure. Personally I like to get my moneys worth so I like to be able to use every shade.

Thoughts? Leave a comment down below

Sameena x


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  1. I’ve never tried a product from Stila but I may have to try that palette! Lovely post


    1. sameena512 says:

      Thank so much 🙂

      Liked by 1 person

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