Fashion Inspiration Blogs

For anyone remotely interested in fashion, they have a place they look for inspiration. For some it’s looking directly to designers and what they are showing, to others it’s magazines, and for me (and many other people) it is fashion blogs.

I have a few blogs that I will regularly check to see what the bloggers are wearing, how they handle current trends, and learn how I can emulate the looks when I am in a funk.

The List:

  1. Samantha Maria:
  2. The Frugality:
  3. Garance Doré:
  4. What Olivia Did:
  5. To Vogue or Bust:
  6. Pandora Sykes:
  7. Mademoiselle:

All of the above girls style outfits that I would either wear myself, or seek inspiration from. They all do their own thing and have specific sense of style, but have the ability to incorporate their personality as well as current trends. In addition to fashion they also post about beauty and lifestyle, all things I enjoy reading about and I enjoy seeing how other people like to live their lives. Rather than give them all a separate description I will let their blogs speak for themselves.

Sameena x


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